The Times Sir : The Year in Letters (1st Edition)


Author: Gallagher, Tony, Riley, Andrew, Times Books Published 14/09/2023 | Hardback
119 x 186 x 22 | 224g

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The perfect gift for anyone with a shrewd sense of humour.

Decidedly absurd, and always entertaining, revel in the very best letters to The Times.

From umbrella protocol at the Coronation to growing cress in lunar soil, this collection lets you in on more than a few inside jokes from one of Britain’s longest-running correspondences.

While the other pages of the newspaper chronicle the pressing issues of the day, the Letters page often muses on the things that really matter.Sir: The year in letters is a selection of the best of these letters, an elegant and erudite display of Times readers at their most whimsical and droll.

The perfect gift for anyone with a shrewd sense of humour, this book features:• An absurdly entertaining round up of the year’s happenings• More than 400 letters featured in The Times, curated by Letters editor Andrew Riley• Original cartoons by Royston Robertson

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