The Traitor of Arnhem : WWII’s Greatest Betrayal and the Moment That Changed History Forever


Author: Verkaik, Robert Published 09/05/2024 | Hardback
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Sunday Times Bestselling author of The Traitor of Colditz Robert Verkaik reveals the incredible never-before-told story of the role played by the Cambridge Spies in the British defeat at Arnhem ‘Original, thought-provoking and exceedingly well written. I have not read such a convincing portrayal of the German intelligence war in Holland.’ Robert Kershaw, author of It Never Snow In SeptemberThe end of the Second World War is in sight.

Following the overwhelming victory on D-Day, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin all seek to shape the global future to their own ends and win the race to Berlin.

The British launch Operation Market Garden, the greatest airborne operation the world has ever seen. It is a bold roll of the dice, which, if successful, will end the war in weeks. But behind the scenes, spies are working, and plans are betrayed, the operation fails and thousands of Allied soldiers die.

The Traitor of Arnhem tells a never-before-told story of this iconic operation, and of the very different figures working in secret to cause the catastrophic defeat. One traitor a terrifying giant of a man, a supposed hero of the resistance who sent hundreds of fellow freedom fighters to torture and death, the other an aristocrat and an English gentleman, working from inside the heart of the Allied war effort in London. Both of them working for the Russians.

Drawn from unseen records and shedding fresh light on the operation and the spies responsible for its failure, this is an incredible account of the battle that would go on to shape the twentieth century.

‘The strongest point of the book is the story about ‘Josephine’. We will probably never be sure who ‘Josephine’ was, if it even was a person, but… Robert proves the case as far as circumstantial evidence allows one.’ Bob de Graaff, Holland’s foremost expert on intelligence and the official historian of the Dutch intelligence services.

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