The Very British Problems Christmas Quiz Book : 600+ fiendishly festive questions


Author: Temple, Rob Published 05/10/2023 | Hardback
141 x 224 x 19 | 294g

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WATERSTONES’ BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2023: PUZZLES AND HUMOURThe perfect quiz book to get you in the Christmassy mood, to play at the office Christmas lunch or to pop into a stocking.

Q1: In Britain, it’s estimated that 800 million of what traditional Christmas treat are eaten each year?*Q2: Which actor gives the voiceover at the beginning of Love Actually?*Q3: True or False: Queen Elizabeth II wore a Santa hat for her 1996 Christmas Day televised speech.*We Brits can’t get enough of a quiz – and never has this been more true at Christmastime. So if you’re stumped for office party small talk, trying to make it through Christmas dinner with the in-laws, or simply a quiz connoisseur after puzzles with some festive flair, you can’t go wrong with the VERY BRITISH PROBLEMS CHRISTMAS QUIZ BOOK. Inside you’ll find all sorts of tickly teasers, complex conundrums, worrisome word searches and much more on topics ranging from nostalgic Christmas adverts and beloved TV specials to toys through the ages and everyone’s favourite holiday snacks. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea and a mince pie.

*Answers: Buy the book and find out!

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