Tory Nation : The Dark Legacy of the World’s Most Successful Political Party


Author: Earle, Samuel Published 29/02/2024 | Paperback / softback
197 x 130 x 21 | 218g

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‘A witty, lucid investigation into one of the great mysteries of our time’ JONATHAN COE‘Should be read and enjoyed by readers on the left, right and centre’ David Edgerton, TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT  Why do British politics so often play out on the Tories’ terms? What does this say about our democracy? In his revelatory book, Samuel Earle explores the roots of the current crisis and the real reasons for the Conservatives’ unsettling success, from their ruling-class origins in the eighteenth century and their disproportionate influence of the British press to their stranglehold over national identity. He sheds light on the Conservatives’ historic appeal among the working classes and why the Labour Party so often disappoints.

Tory Nation describes the making of Britain through one party’s astonishing power over us. It’s only by reaching into our history, Earle argues, that we can understand how we got here – and how we can find a way out. ‘Written with historical depth and literary flair’ NEW STATESMAN‘Earle has set out clearly and eloquently why our democracy is incapable of solving our political problems’ ROBERT VERKAIK, author of Posh Boys‘Gripping and indispensable’ NESRINE MALIK, author of We Need New Stories

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