Twelve Trees : And What They Tell Us About Our Past, Present and Future


Author: Lewis, Daniel Published 04/07/2024 | Hardback
242 x 158 x 22 | 458g

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ONE OF THE GUARDIAN’S BOOKS TO WATCH IN 2024 Twelve amazing species of trees that can teach us about our past, present and future.   In Twelve Trees, professor Daniel Lewis takes us around the world – from Australia to the United States, from Easter Island and Mexico to Cameroon – and introduces us to twelve tree species that epitomise the many threats faced by our planet, from climate change, poachers and parasites, to fungi and even elephants. He celebrates their many strengths in the face of adversity, and their enduring abilities to survive – and even thrive – in an increasingly dangerous planet.

Trees are essential to all of our lives – and they need our help. In this incredible tribute to the noble tree, Lewis dives deep into the cutting-edge science and inspiring community efforts helping to keep them alive. Saving the tree, as he argues, means the saving of humanity.

Beautifully written and informative, Twelve Trees is a heartwarming and enlightening guide to some of our most fascinating trees – and why we should be working harder to protect them.  

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