Who Will You Meet on Dinosaur Street


Author: Peter, Gareth, Budgen, Tim Published 31/03/2022 | Paperback / softback
261 x 261 x 4 | 190g

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What is that stomping and stamping of feet? It looks like a party on Dinosaur Street! They’re all in a frenzy and eager to goTo the Fizz-whizzing Flash-tastic Fireworks Show! Welcome to Dinosaur Street! Home to Flashysaurus, Splashysaurus, Whoops-there’s-been-a Crashysaurus, and a whole host of other loveable characters. With the most energetic rhythm and rhyme this is huge fun to read aloud and will encourage lots of reader engagement. The hilarious Who Will You Meet series is sure to become a repeat-read family favourite.

Next up: Who Will You Meet on Halloween Street, due to publish 01/09/2022.


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