A Beautiful Pint : One Man’s Search for the Perfect Pint of Guinness


Author: Ryan, Ian Published 26/10/2023 | Hardback
117 x 186 x 19 | 220g

ISBN: 9781526670809 Category:

What makes a perfect pint of Guinness? What are the criteria for a great pub? And where can you find them? Ian Ryan, founder of Sh*t London Guinness and Beautiful Pints, can answer these questions and help you find a beautiful pint, wherever you are.

We’ve all got a friend who claims to know where you can get the best pint of Guinness. From the pub to the pour, it’s an experience. And if anyone knows this best, it’s London-based Corkman Ian Ryan – founder of Sh*t London Guinness and Beautiful Pints.

From the all-important different elements of a Guinness pour to what to look for (and what to run a mile from) when sourcing beautiful pints, as well as a crème de la crème list of pubs around the world to visit, Ian shares his expertise from many a pint of plain sank and enjoyed. By the end of it, you’ll be able to claim that you know where to get the ultimate pint of Guinness in town. See you at the bar sometime.

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