Barry Loser’s Christmas Joke Book


Author: Smith, Jim Published 02/11/2017 | Paperback / softback
186 x 129 | 140g

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Knock knock! Who’s there? Barry Loser’s Christmas Joke Book Wow! Really? It’s snow joke…

It’s the keelest time of the year, so why not celebrate with this collection of Christmas crackers from everyone’s favourite loser?

A festive feast of puns, one-liners, cartoons and funny tales, all with a Barry Loser twist. Perfect for sharing with friends and family and best enjoyed when read very loudly at 5am on Christmas morning. All jokes guaranteed to make you snort-laugh a mince pie through your nose*.

We wish you a Barry Christmas, and an amazekeel new year!

*Any unfunny jokes were written by Barry’s dad.

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Barry Loser: I am Not a Loser was selected as a Tom Fletcher Book Club 2017 title.

Jim Smith is the keelest kids’ book author in the whole wide world amen. He graduated from art school with first class honours (the best you can get) and is the author of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize-winning and bestselling BARRY LOSER series, as well as the superkeel spin-off series, FUTURE RATBOY. Jim lives in London and also designs cards and gifts under the name Waldo Pancake.

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