Book vs. Shark : the new series from the creators of Supertato! : 2


Author: Linnet, Paul, Hendra, Sue Published 07/07/2022 | Paperback / softback
259 x 260 x 6 | 194g

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Welcome back to I Spy Island . . . the unmissable new series from multi-million copy bestsellers Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, creators of Supertato!In the middle of the ocean, miles from anywhere, something new has just washed ashore and a brand-new adventure is about to begin . . .

 Join Island, Glove, Banana, Bird, Bottle and Treasure Chest on their second sunny adventure, as they spy . . . a book who’s lost its story and a shark who just might eat them because he’s . . . bored?! This terrific tale of fun, friendship and the brilliance of books and storytelling will be beloved by children and adults alike and is brought to you by the inspired minds behind such bestselling and popular characters as Supertato, Barry the Fish with Fingers, Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell and No-Bot the Robot with No Bottom.

Praise for I Spy Island:‘Sunny, silly and ideal for reading aloud’Sunday Express ‘It’s a blast of sunshine in book form’The ObserverALSO BY SUE HENDRA & PAUL LINNET:I Spy Island Supertato series:SupertatoSupertato: Veggies AssembleSupertato: Run, Veggies, Run!Supertato: Evil Pea RulesSupertato: Veggies in the Valley of DoomSupertato: Carnival Catastro-PeaSupertato: Bubbly Troubly!Supertato: Night of the Living VegSupertato: The Great Eggscape! (coming March 2022)Other Supertato books:Supertato Sticker Activity BookSupertato Super Squad Supertato Sticker SkillsSelected other titles by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet:Barry the Fish with FingersNorman the Slug with the Silly ShellDoug the Bug that went Boing!I Need a Wee!No-Bot the Robot with No BottomNo-Bot the Robot’s New Bottom 

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