Celebrating Blackpool


Author: Rigby, Janet Published 15/02/2023 | Paperback / softback
164 x 233 x 14 | 272g

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The Lancashire seaside town of Blackpool has been popular with visitors for over 200 years. The arrival of the railways in 1846 brought ever more people to what soon became a large town, and its famous Illuminations, Golden Mile, three piers, Pleasure Beach, iconic Tower and ballroom, Grand Theatre and Winter Gardens still attract many today. There has always been much to celebrate in Blackpool, which has had frequent visits from royalty and celebrities. Benefactors to the town resulted in the establishment of the Edwardian baroque-style building in Queen Street in 1908 that houses the Grundy Art Gallery and the Central Library, and its historic tram system has had a massive investment boost. Recently, the Comedy Carpet, one of the largest pieces of public art ever commissioned in the UK, was laid out in the space outside the Tower, illustrating how Blackpool is constantly reinventing itself.

Celebrating Blackpool chronicles the proud heritage of this town, its important moments and what draws so many to it today. Illustrated throughout, this fascinating book offers a marvellous and refreshingly positive insight into Blackpool’s rich heritage, its special events and important moments. It will be a valuable contribution to the history of the town and provide a source of many memories to those who have known it well over the years.

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