Funnybones: A Bone Rattling Collection


Author: Ahlberg, Allan, Amstutz, Andre Published 07/10/2010 | Paperback / softback
261 x 187 x 8 | 374g

ISBN: 9780141333571 Category:

‘The ghostly train goes down the track with a WHOOOOOO!’Join The Big Skeleton, The Little Skeleton and The Dog Skeleton for THREE hilarious and action-packed adventures, in this thirty-year anniversary collection. Perfect for bedtime, a Bone Rattling Collection contains three of the most-loved Funnybones stories. Including:Funnybones: The Ghost Train – Hop aboard for a night the Funnybones skeletons will NEVER forgetFunnybones: Bumps in The Night – No matter where they are, the two skeletons keep going bump in the night – clonk!Funnybones: Skeleton Crew – ‘Zzz!’ The three skeletons enjoy a holiday on their little boat. But what happens when a PIRATE comes aboard?Packed with bright illustrations and easy to read text, this brilliant Bone Rattling Collection has delighted children for generations.

Can’t get enough of the Funnybones skeletons? Discover:Funnybones: The Black CatFunnybones: The Pet ShopFunnybones: Dinosaur Dream

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