In Search of Perfumes : A lifetime journey to the sources of nature’s scents


Author: Roques, Dominique Published 09/05/2024 | Paperback / softback
128 x 198 x 24 | 216g

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In order to pro­duce one kilogram of rose oil, one million flowers must be picked, by hand. This book is my homage to the harvesters of the world.

When it comes to nature, Dominique Roques is a unique authority. He has spent the last thirty years working closely with local communities across the globe to establish a sustainable supply of natural ingredients crucial to perfume making. From resin cultivated by traditional methods in El Salvador to rose oil distilleries in India as old as the Taj Mahal, his network reveals an elusive trade built on the fault lines of tradition and modernity.

With In Search of Perfumes, Roques takes us on a fragrant journey from Andalusia to Somaliland, revealing seventeen of the industry’s most precious ingredients and the vast but delicate ecosystem sustained by the artisans who are its caretakers.

Roques shows us the beauty and mysteries of a familiar trade. This is a return to the source of the world’s scents.

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