It’s Not Rocket Science


Author: Miller, Ben Published 30/05/2024 | Paperback / softback
125 x 197 x 22 | 240g

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Exploding particles.

Ever had the feeling that you are missing out on some truly mind-blowing science but never had the time to do something about it?Ben Miller was working on his Physics PhD at Cambridge when he accidentally became a very successful comedian. But first love runs deep, and he has returned to his roots to share his favourite bits of science in the simplest way possible. What does the behaviour of molecules have to do with baking a Victoria Sponge for Gordon Ramsay? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

Boring, complicated science – be gone! This is the stuff that you really need to know. Not just because it matters, but because it will quite simply amaze and delight you.

‘Books like these should act as gateway drugs for the incurably curious’ Observer’Miller has a gift for making complex ideas seem comprehensible . . . enjoyable and educational . . . full marks, Miller, for a tricky job well done’ Mail on Sunday

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