Love is in the Little Things


Author: Jones, Stella J Published 04/01/2024 | Hardback
236 x 282 x 11 | 434g

ISBN: 9781801045100 Category:

A celebration of everyday, little acts of love with heartfelt illustrations from the talented Jane Massey.

Love is in the little things.

A kiss, a smile, a cup of tea.

Just me and you sitting quietly.

A song, a hug, a helping handthat lifts us up so we can stand.

Join Big and Small as they journey through the moments that make a relationship – from blowing bubbles in the bath, to saying ‘sorry’. This charming picture book is the ideal gift for parents welcoming home a new baby or to share with a loved one on a special occasion. Perfect for fans of I’m Sticking with You by Smriti Halls and Steve Small, I Love You to the Moon and Back by Amelia Hepworth and Tim Warnes, and I Love You When You’re Angry by Erin Winters and Kaitin Bucher.

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