Pumpkin Soup : Celebrate 25 years of this timeless classic


Author: Cooper, Helen Published 01/10/1999 | Paperback / softback
258 x 248 x 4 | 218g

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Celebrate 25 years of Pumpkin Soup with Cat, Duck and Squirrel’Deep in the woods, there’s an old white cabin with pumpkins in the garden.

There’s a good smell of soup and at night, with luck,You might see a bagpiping Cat through the window and a Squirrel with a banjo,And a small singing Duck.’Cat, Duck and Squirrel spend their days making pumpkin soup. Cat slices, Squirrel stirs and Duck adds the salt.

But, when Duck decides that he wants to stir the soup, they start to squabble.

A beloved, rhythmic story about the importance of sharing, this 25th anniversary edition of Pumpkin Soup belongs in every child’s bedroom. Illustrated in autumnal colours, this story is the perfect bedtime read.

‘Thanks to Cooper’s uncanny ability to capture the dynamics of friendship, children will be able to laugh at this trio and themselves’ – Publishers Weekly ‘Wonderfully atmospheric’ – Story Snug

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