The Wobblysaurus


Author: Bright, Rachel, Chatterton, Chris Published 14/09/2023 |
249 x 275 x 6 | 190g

ISBN: 9781408356197 Category:

A funny and reassuring tale about perseverance and resilience, by Rachel Bright and Chris Chatterton, creators of The Worrysaurus.

When Wobblysaurus gets her very first bicycle, she can’t wait to go and ride with all her friends. But every time Wobblysaurus sets off her new wheels, she wibbles… wobbles… and falls!This little dinosaur is just about ready to give up, but then a word from a wise Grannysaurus reminds her that when you really want something, it’s always worth trying again.

An empowering story with a reassuring reminder that everyone starts off wobbly when trying something new. From the author of the bestselling The Lion Inside.

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