Talking at Night


Author: Daverley, Claire Published 06/06/2024 | Paperback / softback
198 x 129 x 26 | 292g

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THE LOVE STORY THAT WILL KEEP YOU AWAKE AT NIGHT’A beautiful love story. I devoured it’ JOJO MOYESGave me One Day vibes’ LIBBY PAGE ‘Basically impossible to put down’ BOBBY PALMER’Deeply romantic’ LAURA BARNETT’Beautiful and very clever’ FEARNE COTTON ‘Stunning, tender and true’ GOOD HOUSEKEEPING SUMMER READINGINCLUDED IN THE INDEPENDENT’S ‘BEST ROMANTIC SUMMER READS’—- Will and Rosie meet as teenagers.

They’re opposites in every way. She overthinks everything; he is her twin brother’s wild and unpredictable friend. But over secret walks home and late-night phone calls, they become closer – destined to be one another’s great love story.

Until, one day, tragedy strikes, and their future together is shattered.

But as the years roll on, Will and Rosie can’t help but find their way back to each other. Time and again, they come close to rekindling what might have been.

What do you do when the one person you should forget is the one you just can’t let go?—-‘Basically impossible to put down’ BOBBY PALMER ‘Deeply romantic’ LAURA BARNETT’A passionate, page-turning debut’ DAILY MAILReaders love Talking at Night:‘This was giving me One Day vibes’ ***** Reader Review‘This book changed my way of thinking about life; that’s how good it was, how real it felt. It made me sit down, think about my own life for a second’ ***** Reader Review‘The writing is so spare and achingly beautiful and reminded me a lot of Normal People by Sally Rooney’***** Reader Review‘Everything I wanted and more. THE YEARNING.. stunning’ ***** Reader Review‘Made me believe in soulmates!’ ***** Reader Review‘A wonderfully captivating, character-driven novel’ ***** Reader Review‘You know how some books have you giggling and kicking your feet? this one has you fighting the urge to punch holes in the walls while screaming, thrashing, and gnawing at the bars of this story’s enclosure’ ***** Reader Review

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