The Intelligence Trap : Revolutionise your Thinking and Make Wiser Decisions


Author: Robson, David Published 06/02/2020 | Paperback / softback
130 x 197 x 22 | 246g

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‘Essential reading for anyone who wants to think more clearly’ ROLF DOBELLI’Ceaselessly fascinating and brilliantly written’ WILL STORR’A startling, provocative and potently useful book’ SUNDAY TIMESA toolkit for intelligent people to become smarter, overcoming their blind spots and maximising their potential. We assume that smarter people are less prone to error. But education and expertise can sometimes make our mistakes worse and our blind spots bigger. Why did genius Steve Jobs make errors of judgement? Why do doctors misdiagnose 10-15% of their patients? Why do Nobel Prize winners spread fake news? This is the intelligence trap.

Drawing on the latest behavioural science and great brains from Socrates to Benjamin Franklin, David Robson demonstrates how to apply our intelligence more wisely. He shows us how we can identify bias, read and regulate our emotions, fine-tune our intuition, navigate ambiguity and uncertainty and think more flexibly.

Whether you are a NASA scientist or a school student, The Intelligence Trap offers a new toolkit to realise your full potential.

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