The Last of the Lightnings


Author: Black, Ian Published 12/12/2002 | Hardback
250 x 250 | 0g

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The Lightning is unquestionably Britain’s most-loved jet fighter, particularly among the fighter pilots who flew this celebrated aircraft. In continuous front-line service with the RAF for nearly 30 years, the passing of the Lightning represented the end of an era. It was the last of a rare breed: single seat, entirely British, magnificently overpowered and possessing delightful handling qualities. It was radically different, its vertical twin-engine design, slab-sided fuselage and highly swept wings making it stand apart from all others. Built by craftsmen, the Lightning was privilege to fly. This pictorial tribute to the Lightning concentrates on the final two years of service at RAF Binbrook, as seen through the lens of the last pilot to convert to the type, Flt Lt Ian Black. During this time he was granted access to all aspects of the aircraft, both on the ground and in the air. Because of this status as a pilot, fellow squadron aircrew felt totally at ease with his requests for air-to-air photography. This unrivalled access has resulted in a unique collection of stunning colour photographs.

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