The Quest : The Egyptian Series 4


Author: Smith, Wilbur Published 28/06/2018 | Paperback / softback
196 x 144 x 38 | 472g

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BOOK 4 IN THE ICONIC ANCIENT EGYPTIAN SERIES, BY THE MASTER OF ADVENTURE, WILBUR SMITH’Best historical novelist’ – Stephen King ‘A master storyteller’ – Sunday Times ‘Wilbur Smith is one of those benchmarks against whom others are compared’ – The Times ‘No one does adventure quite like Smith’ – Daily Mirror AN ENEMY UNLIKE ANY OTHERTHE GREAT KINGDOM OF EGYPT ON THE BRINK OF RUINCAN THE ANCIENT MAGE TAITA SAVE HIS HOMELAND, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE?Renowned magus Taita is now over a hundred years old and has ascended to a new level of wisdom and understanding about his world. But he must prepare himself for the biggest threat Egypt has ever faced: the great plagues and the failure of the Nile. Taita must find the cause before Egypt is ruined, but he has no idea of the terrible enemy that awaits him: the fire witch Eos, an ancient force of sheer evil. Taita must risk his soul to battle her, or his homeland and everything he has ever loved will be lost forever. But there are other reasons for Taita to fight – since success could also mean rewards he could never have thought possible . . . Book 4 in the Ancient Egyptian series from the master historical adventure writer, Wilbur Smith. Book 4 in the series, Desert God, is available now. And don’t miss Wilbur Smith’s return to Egypt in The New Kingdom sequence:The New KingdomTitans of WarTestamentAll available now.

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