The Squirrel and the Lost Treasure


Author: Bickford-Smith, Coralie, Bickford-Smith, Coralie Published 31/08/2023 | Hardback
184 x 259 x 17 | 434g

ISBN: 9780241541975 Category:

‘The most beautiful book of the year… it’s like a poem… a work of art’ – Chris PackhamAn enchanting clothbound fable about growth, new life and finding hope in unexpected places, from the award-winning designer and creator of The Fox and the Star.

One autumn evening, a young squirrel spots an acorn glinting on the forest floor.

Eager to protect her treasure from watchful eyes and hungry mouths, she buries it deep in the heart of the forest.

But when she returns after the icy winter, her acorn is nowhere to be found. Where could it be?’Exquisite, moving and hopeful on so many different levels. I love the bright green of the spring, I really feel that incandescence when I turn the page. I will be buying it for many.’ – Lucy Jones, author of Losing Eden

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