The Times Codeword 2 : 150 Cracking Logic Puzzles


Author: The Times Mind Games Published 08/07/2010 | Paperback / softback
196 x 129 x 13 | 144g

ISBN: 9780007368198 Category:

Challenge yourself at home with word and number puzzles

The second book in the popular Codeword series: featuring 150 new Codewords – the utterly addictive word puzzle which features daily in Times2.

This cracker of a puzzle is the perfect alternative to knowledge-based crosswords (you either know it or you don’t, right?) and number-crunching Su Dokus.

In this compelling collection of 150 brand-new Codewords, which for the first time ever are ranked in increasing levels of difficulty, you can really wrestle with your word power and test your logic to the max.

The concept is simple. Each number represents a letter, so, starting with the solved letters, use your logic and vocabulary to reveal more letters, form words, and then crack the code!

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