Treasure Island


Author: Stevenson, Robert Louis Published 06/03/2008 | Paperback / softback
177 x 133 x 25 | 216g

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Puffin Classics: the definitive collection of timeless stories, for every child. The HISPANIOLA still lay where she had anchored; but, sure enough, there was the Jolly Roger–the black flag of piracy–flying from her peak.

Following the death of bloodthirsty buccaneer Captain Flint, young Jim Hawkins finds himself with the key to a fortune – he has discovered a map that will lead him to the fabled Treasure Island. But a gang of villains, wild beasts and deadly swashbucklers stand between him and the stash of gold. Not to mention the most infamous pirate ever to sail the high seas . . .

The original pirate adventure story, this timeless classic includes a wonderfully funny introduction by award-winning author Eoin Colfer, a behind-the-scenes journey, an author profile, a guide to who’s who, activities and more!

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