The Mummy Shop


Author: Beard, Lauren, Longstaff, Abie Published 07/02/2019 | Paperback / softback
202 x 141 | 180g

ISBN: 9781407192307 Category:

Packed with fun and silliness, The Mummy Shop is the

perfect picture book for every family.

Does your mummy tell you off for jumping on your bed?

Does she make you eat vegetables?

Then call The Mummy Shop, and we will help you find the perfect

new mummy.

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

When a little boy grows tired of his mummy, he calls The

Mummy Shop for help. But when his new mummies aren’t quite

what he wanted, he starts to think he may have made a big


A laugh-out-loud tale of one boy’s quest to find the perfect

mummy, who might just have been right there all


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